20. Christopher Green – A Willing Vessel

On today’s podcast we are joined by Christopher Green. He is a full-time Evangelist with the UPCI. He has been travelling the world preaching the Gospel for the last 9 years seeing thousands receive the Holy Ghost and countless miracles. He is a man of faith who is led by the Spirit as you will experience in this conversation. He and his wife, Danielle, just launched a ministry called Harvest in Motion earlier this year where they travel to churches and provide intensives on how to reach the lost. In our conversation, Christopher’s talks about the call of God and advice for those who are called, what is the catalyst for seeing more people receive the Holy Ghost in your ministry/church, how to deal with pain and suffering as a child of God, what is causing him to rejoice in 2021, and much more.

You can connect with him on Facebook – Christopher Green  |  Instagram – @christopherwgreen

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