22. Jonathan Quinones

On today’s podcast we are joined by Jonathan Quinones. He is the Assistant Pastor of Revival Centre in Modesto, California and also previously served as the Youth Pastor there for 12 years along with his Youth District for 10 years. He has ministered multiple times at North American Youth Congress in the United States. He is a passionate communicator of the Gospel and is forward thinking in his approach to communicate that Gospel to the whole world. In our conversation, we talk about his upbringing and call to the ministry, the best thing that you can do for your Pastor, suggestions for churches starting out in social media, why people matter, what excites him about the church in 2021, and much more. During the podcast we talk about his church’s social media, podcast and YouTube Channel.

You can find them here:

We also talk about some social media tools that you can use for your church:

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