55. Dan MacLeod – Questions in the Chaos

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In today’s episode, we are joined by Dan MacLeod. He and his wife helped plant One Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia straight out of Bible College. They just returned back from nearly 2 years of AIM work in Latvia and he is currently Evangelising in North America. 

I have been wanting to get him on the podcast for awhile but I felt compelled to reach out after listening to a sermon he preached recently at CCC in Fredericton, New Brunswick and talk to him about it on the show.

In our conversation, we talk about his story, advice for those starting a work, what he learned on the mission field, and then we dive into conversation about his sermon Questions in the Chaos. 

Watch the sermon – https://youtu.be/kgM__7VE_8Q

Listen to the sermon – https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/capital-community-church/id1476206895?i=1000553079831

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