68. One Year Episode

Join us this week as we celebrate one year of the Hacka Podcast! In this episode, we remember the past, take stock of what the podcast has become, and talk about our future plans.

Thank you for all your support for the past 52 weeks. Thank you for every review, comment, like, and share. Thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to the podcast and allowing us to become a part of your lives every week.

We are excited for what God has already done through the podcast and we look forward to what He is going to do in the weeks and months ahead. 

Top 5 Episodes:

5. Episode 14 – Steph Hackathorn

4. Episode 49 – Bishop John Downs

3. Episode 20 – Christopher Green

2. Episode 9 – Pastor Stan Harvey

1. Episode 17 – Loammi Diaz

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