Last week in my post about CreationSwap I briefly mentioned Canva as a site similar in function that some of you who work in media at church might know. Then I realised that many of you may not know about Canva or may not be using it to it’s full capacity.

If you are not using Canva yet, it’s time to start. It is a simple to use platform that allows you create beautiful designs, wherever you are. They also have an app that is available for your iPhone or iPad. So, you can literally create anywhere your phone has service.

Canva can be used to create images for sermons, Presentations for teaching, flyers, posters, Church Newsletters, social media posts and much more. They have thousands of templates to choose from – a lot are free but some do cost a couple dollars – or you can create something from scratch using their platform.

I have used Canva to design many different things for my church including announcements, social media posts, sermon images and our monthly handout. Below is The POS Handout for August 2018, which should give you some idea of how we use it. That entire handout was created off of a template my wife designed using Canva.

(V.O.) Driving into Any City gives you a glimpse of a fantastic view...

The possibilities are almost endless for how you can use Canva to better your media engagement at church. The best thing about all of this, is that it’s FREE. My wife uses Canva for church and for work and still maintains a free account. I do have a subscription through our church which is $12.50 USD a month because we use it so often and it gave us the ability to easily resize images and projects.

So, I encourage you to give Canva a try and I’m sure you will be using it as often as I do!

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