My plan is to post weekly helps to those who do media for their church. I will be sharing some tips and tricks that I use as well as highlighting some of my favourite media based websites. So, please do stay connected if this interests you.

One such website is CreationSwap. This is my go-to website for church graphics, announcements or social media posts. CreationSwap is a website where artists from around the world share/sell church media assets. You can find almost anything you would need on this site and they have beautiful designs. There are mini-movies, countdowns, motion backgrounds, still backgrounds, graphics, logo designs and more. Some artists even give you the ability to download the original PhotoShop or Illustrator file of the design if you need to make changes specific for your church.

I have always loved this website but this past year they introduced a feature they call LiveSwap which has changed the game! LiveSwap gives you the ability to edit the graphics on their website. It is like Canva, for those of you who have used that website, but obviously all the designs are faith based. It really is remarkable. Below are two sermon images I did the last few weeks for guest speakers who didn’t have images of their own. I was able to do both of them with just 15 minutes notice before service.

I cannot recommend this website highly enough. It has saved me so many times over the years and I continue to go back because they are consistently uploading new material.

It is free to subscribe and use but you do not get access to all the material. I definitely encourage you to go with the premium plan where it costs just $19 a month and you have unlimited access to the entire site. It is well worth it!

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