Fickle Or Faithful?

It’s so hard to find faithful people these days.  Whether it’s in our relationship with God or our relationship with people, so few people want to remain faithful.  It is so much easier to quit.  If you don’t want to remain married or you just want to “play the field”, it’s so easy to get a divorce now.  We have actually reached a point as a nation where more marriages end in divorce than in death.  It’s very difficult to find people in this generation who have been married for a long time.

So the question we have to answer is why is this the case?  Why don’t people want to be faithful?  The straight answer is that it takes a lot of work.  We live in the microwave generation.  We don’t want our stuff now, we wanted it yesterday.  The problem is that you can’t microwave relationships.  Whether I’m talking about my relationship with God or with people, it takes TIME.  If you say that you love God or your spouse but never spend time with them, then you don’t really love them.  It’s that simple.

Faithfulness means commitment.  Commitment in my time, my finances, and every other aspect of life.  I don’t give God or my wife a part of my time, I give them all of it. God and my wife are able at any point in the day to interrupt my plans.  That’s why the Bible compares our relationship with God to marriage, because marriage is the most important human relationship into which you will ever enter.  God is first in my pocketbook and calendar, and my wife is second (just ask her!).  That’s faithfulness.

Jesus said that in the End Times the love of many will grow cold.  Why?  Because they will have no endurance or faithfulness.  Here’s the thing: if your faithfulness can be destroyed it will be.  The enemy will find some way to disconnect you from any relationship you have, especially your relationship with God.  Resolve within yourself that by the grace of God that will never happen.  I leave you with this: Jesus declared that it’s those who endure to the end that will be saved.  He also said that those whose are saved will hear “Well done, good and FAITHFUL servant.”  Your eternity is directly linked to your faithfulness.

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