Milkshake App

The other day my sister-in-law introduced me to this great app called Milkshake. It solves one of the frustrations faced by those who manage their church Instagram page; the inability to share website links in posts.

Those who may be a bit more savvy than the next guy have thought of ways to work around this roadblock. You can us the ‘link in the bio’ trick and rotate your main website link. The problem with this ploy is that you would always prefer your main website to be the link in your bio. Another option I have seen is to use Linktree. These guys do something similar to Milkshake in that they turn your one link on Instagram into a number of links. This is a great option but not my preference because I think I have found something better with the Milkshake App.

What sets Milkshake apart from its completion is that it not only only provides you the ability to turn your one link into many links but it does so in a beautiful way. It essentially allows you to turn your Instagram link into a mini website! Not only that, but you can easily customise the pages that they provide as templates to fit what you need.

To the right you can see what I have been able to create in just an hour or so using their app. When you click on the link for the @POSydney page, instead of just being sent to our website or some other thing we are promoting, you are now sent to an About page that links to our website. From there you can check out the POS Church App, discover where you can find the POS Podcast or you could watch & subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The most amazing thing about the Milkshake App is that it is free! If you manage your church Instagram page, I really do encourage you to check out this app and you can thank me later.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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