64. Holders of the Rope

Did you know there was a gift of helps and administration or that some people are called to service and giving? In today’s episode, we look at the story of Paul’s escape from Damascus and relate it why the whole Body of Christ is important.

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22. Jonathan Quinones

On today’s podcast we are joined by Jonathan Quinones. He is the Assistant Pastor of Revival Centre in Modesto, California and also previously served as the Youth Pastor there for 12 years along with his Youth District for 10 years. He has ministered multiple times at North American Youth Congress in the United States. He […]

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Leadership and Strategy

We are wrapping up the series on Church Systems. I pray that it has been helpful to you and your church, at least causing you to pause and reflect on how your church is currently organised. This final post will cover the last two systems – the Leadership System and the Strategic System. Leadership System […]

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Giving and Volunteers

These past few weeks we have been gradually making our way through a series on Church Systems. Last week, we covered the Assimilation and Discipleship System. Today we will be looking at the Stewardship System and Volunteer System. Stewardship System This is the system by which we develop strong givers. It is a difficult subject […]

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