Assimilation and Discipleship

Over the past few weeks we have been making our way through a series on Church Systems. Last week, we covered the Sunday Service and Evangelism. Today we will be looking at my personal favourite system, and the one I probably have the most experience in, the Assimilation and Discipleship System. Assimilation/Discipleship System This is […]

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Service and Evangelism

Think about the planning and executing of your Sunday Services, what are some weak spots that you are aware of and are there common complaints? Do you have regular awkward moments? Some of those issues can be solved through communication and planning.

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Dreams and Systems

In Genesis 41, we find the somewhat familiar story known as Pharaoh’s Dream. One night, while Pharaoh is sleeping he began to dream. In his dream he saw seven fat cows grazing near the Nile River and then seven ugly and gaunt cows appear from the Nile and stand next to them. The seven gaunt […]

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