Fear’s Biggest Fear

Fear is quite possibly the most intimidating four letter word in the entire world. When the Bible speaks of “men’s hearts failing them for fear” it isn’t exaggerating. That literally happens. There is something that is so gripping about fear that it paralyzes us and refuses to allow us to respond rationally. Instead, we get […]

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The (Not So) Powerful Grip Of Fear

Fear.  The very mention of the word causes chills through the body.  We have been reintroduced to this menacing presence over the last few months, not only in the United States, but all over the world.  This fear has a name, and it is COVID-19. This virus has caused our daily lives to change dramatically. […]

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The Key To Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety rules our world.  From the most powerful people in the world, to the very poorest people in the world, no one is exempt from anxiety.  The problem, especially in America, is that we have built lifestyles that revolve around impatience.  We don’t want to wait for anything.  By the time one thing is done […]

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