The Hope For America

With every presidential election there is a renewed sense of hope.  When we vote we hope that whoever gets elected will represent our interests, and provide a better hope for our future.  Yet, it seems that we are always disappointed.  No matter who is elected in any election, we never seem to be able to be satisfied.  But we miss the entire point.

The problem is not necessarily with who is elected.  The problem lies squarely with us as a nation.  We can blame elected officials if we would like, but that does us no good.  The problem, as it has always been, is the sin problem.  We cannot expect to live in sin and debauchery and expect God to bless us as a nation.  We cannot show up to church on Sunday and live like the devil Monday-Saturday.

As a matter of fact, we are headed down the same road as the Roman Empire.  Like the Romans we have become an arrogant empire that thinks we can get away with anything we want.  We claim to believe in God, but no one really tries to actually follow Jesus.  America is perhaps the most successful nation in all of history, yet it is also a nation with more people on anti-depressants than anywhere else in the world.  Success in America’s case does not equal happiness.

There is only one hope for America.  We can’t find it in riches, fame, or entertainment.  We can only find our hope in Jesus Christ.  Jesus really is the answer for the world today, as the old song says.  No one and nothing can compare to him.

If you are looking for meaning and purpose in your life, then look no further than Jesus.  If you seem to always be down and out, then he will be your joy.  If all you have are restless nights where you can’t sleep, Jesus will be your peace.  If you find it hard to believe that you can have any kind of future, Jesus will be your hope.  If you feel alone and despised, then Jesus will be the love that surrounds you.  Anything that you need you can find in him.

America offers a lot of great things.  I consider myself a patriot. Yet I love my country too much to allow us to lie to ourselves.  The Bible says that the wages of sin is death.  That is not up for debate, it is a fact.  If America continues down the same road it is on, it will meet a sudden and terrible end.  But if we actually put our hope in Jesus we can accomplish some great things in this nation.  The answer to the issues we face is not ignoring them, debating them or fighting over them.  The answer, as it always has been and always will be, is to turn to Jesus.


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