Weekend with Ava

This weekend my wife is away at a yearly church conference that is just for women. So that means of few days of Ava and DaDa time (as I type this she is currently trying to wrestle away my iPad). I joked with one of my friends yesterday that this weekend used to mean 2.5 days of doing whatever we wanted. I would squeeze in 27 holes of golf, a couple gym sessions and watch as much sport as I wanted. Not so much anymore.

This morning I was awake at 5:30am because Ava decided it was time for her morning bottle. She snuck in my bed last night at 11:30pm, and commenced exploring every corner of the bed in her sleep. We met up with some of our friends for breakfast at a local cafe and I was blessed to enjoy a cold meal (my wife can’t remember the last hot meal she has had with Ava) due to chasing my daughter around – there was a dog tied to a tree near us and she could not overcome the temptation to show the random doggie how much she loved it!

After breakfast we took the girls to the park and Ava had a blast swinging, sliding and climbing. We avoided near disaster when she was almost hit by a boy swinging because she was trying to push him, he was at least 2 years older than her.

We have had a quite afternoon in, though we did sneak out to get some Krispy Kreme donuts (they were HOT NOW.. score!) and food for dinner. As of 6:00pm I am yet to watch a minute of sport but I have been given steady doses of The Wiggles and some random show that she found on Netflix that is comprised of learning songs and nursery rhymes.

That being said, I have had an awesome day and I hope she has too. I will cherish these moments because they won’t be here forever. Yes, I am tired and possibly getting a migraine from hearing Wheels on the Bus for the 100th time but there is nothing like being a Dad. And though I am quietly terrified of getting her ready for church tomorrow morning, at least I have her all to myself for the 20 hours or so. I get to enjoy the hugs and cuddles that are usually reserved for her Mum. What a difference two years makes.

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