26. Jonathan Downs – Pastoring With a Burden

In today’s episode we are joined by Jonathan Downs. He is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel in Canberra, ACT. He also served for many years as the National Youth President of the UPCA and has travelled extensively ministering throughout the South Pacific, Asia and India. In our conversation, we talk about growing up in the church, the importance of service, what it’s like pastoring the church he grew up in, how a focus on giving can change your life and much more.

Music is by Isaac Valiente.

Jonathan references this sermon by Anthony Mangun – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0r73YZFz1E

Here are the notes we talk about from his session on preaching – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fnb1jzdti0anncy/AADv4bVlh7pq-4xoawfelkWaa?dl=0

2 thoughts on “26. Jonathan Downs – Pastoring With a Burden

  1. This one right here! Thank you Bro. Greg for this. Everything Bro. Jonathan Downs has shared, has really spoken to me. The podcast has provided answers to questions I have been struggling with, in responding to Godʻs call over my life.

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